PES 2013 – UEFA Champions League – Road To European Glory #13 – The Final – Celtic VS Juventus

Hey guys, this is the final episode of the Road To European Glory, where I attempt to win the Champions League with Celtic FC. This episode took several constant days to edit, with me doing the impersonated voices. They may be poor, they may look funny, but that is the whole point of it 😀

Audio files provided by and without them, the two montages would be ridiculously terrible 😀

This video took a lot of work, and is extremely unique in its own way. With so much time and effort put into it, I would enjoy if you watched the entire thing, even if you do cringe at the poor impersonated voices.

Getting to the final with Celtic has been an amazing honour, and winning the Champions League would put me in the driving seat for legendary.

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  1. Great video mate. Loved the start but just one thing. It's not celtic's first visit to the new wembley. They played there in a per season competition called the wembley cup in 2009. Just thought I would put that out there. Good vid but HH

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