Ryan Giggs: Winning the Premier League and Champions League with Manchester United – Masterclass

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In the first of two exclusive Masterclasses, Ryan Giggs talks about his role within Sir Alex Ferguson’s first Premier League title-winning team, and in their historic treble-winning side.

During his 24 years as a Manchester United player, Ryan Giggs won the Premier League 13 times – a record for an outfield player.

His first league title came in the 1992/93 season, as Manchester United beat nearest rivals Aston Villa by 10 points. Giggs talks about his combination play with Denis Irwin down the left side, and linking up with Mark Hughes and Erik Cantona in the middle of the pitch.

Six years later, the Red Devils won the league again, and added the FA Cup and Champions League in an unprecedented treble. The Welshman reflects on a period where he started to switch up his game, explaining how he developed as a player to become less reliant on his pace.

Giggs also reveals the toughest full-backs he faced in his long career, and what made them so effective.


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29 comentarios sobre «Ryan Giggs: Winning the Premier League and Champions League with Manchester United – Masterclass»

  1. This is a rather long video and I'm not really into football that much. However, my brother's wife is pretty hot….

    Is there anything in the video about that, should I watch till the end? I mean, he is a masterclass in that area as well 😉

  2. So much nonsense about how "modern football" has changed. Really that 4-4-2 is in essence a 4-2-3-1 as Cantona was more of a number 10 dropping between the lines to score and create in the same way a Griezman or Dybala would today. Sure the kits were a little baggier back then,🤣 but football hasn't changed much we just over-complicate simple ideas that have been a part of the game for years. Another example of this is the high pressing game which people seem to think was invented by Klopp/Pep when in fact a lot of English teams played this way in the pre-Premier League era

  3. Very basic tactics, situational even. This might just be the very same thing killing Ole, in the modern game its no longer about what you are going to do with the ball but rather how you are going to do with the ball.

  4. Now we're talking! Insightful stuff that translates to all levels of the game. Decision making, awareness and game intelligence beautifully explained by Ryan Giggs with the help of the visual aide. A must see for all wingers and coaches!

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