Tottenham 2-7 Bayern Munich – Mauricio Pochettino Post Match Press Conference – Champions League

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino speaks to the press after his team’s 7-2 Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich at Tottenham Stadium.

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42 comentarios sobre «Tottenham 2-7 Bayern Munich – Mauricio Pochettino Post Match Press Conference – Champions League»

  1. When they got to the finals last season, everyone was praising them how the coach never spent any money buying players . Any one can be lucky but luck don't won't last forever hence you need quality players . Spend spend like every other great team

  2. This may be the wake up call the team needs. If there are problems in the dressing room then surely this gets resolved now. I see a big bounce back coming and a major improvement in form. In 3 weeks time after we beat Red Star and are 3rd in the league this game will be a bad memory.

  3. There's a fantastic movie coming out in 2 years time starring the amazing POCHETTINO …12 YEARS A LOSER.
    The most overrated manager the game has ever seen. Tactically clueless, he's lost so many important leads it's almost laughable.

    He only knows one way, all out attack. That's ok against a lot of poor premier league teams, but not when you come up against class!

  4. TBH spurs have bang average full backs & Toby Jan ageing they have nowhere to look at. Who the hell sells Kyle Walker & then tripper with no replacement .Soon kane ,son & Alli will depart leaving it to build from scratch again. Poch is a great manager but only at developing interms of tactics & trophies nowhere as good. One thing is certain that spurs won't be winning trophies any time soon till levy is incharge

  5. This guy has no idea what he can do to make things better. No fresh ideas on the pitch. Embarrassment after another, just fuck off and let someone else take charge you prick!

  6. Excuses, excuses.. so what about the team not even winning an away game since January? Aurier get rid of him, Jan and Toby and Rose should go as well as Eriksen and Deli Alli what the fuck has he done in 2 years? Getting to the Champions League final has only papered over the cracks. Look at Leicester they have team spirit, we need that back.

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