Was Eric Cantona's speech the best thing that ever happened at a Champions League draw? | Extra Time

The ESPN FC guys answer all your questions in Extra Time, including: trying to make sense of Eric Cantona’s bizarre speech at the UEFA award show, what Gareth Southgate sees in Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard and Mark Ogden reveals his favorite Oasis song.

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27 comentarios sobre «Was Eric Cantona's speech the best thing that ever happened at a Champions League draw? | Extra Time»

  1. The science can move on and make us live longer play longer be more fit for a longer time but the people at the top will decide how long you or innocent kids in a warzone has to live
    They control the wars worldwide and the crime rates with useless wars against drugs and other shit

  2. These guys are the epitome of the madness and arrogance that English countries are known for, like how dare Eric cantona say something so powerful in English language, he should have spoken French, blablabla. These twats can't say anything in another language than English, they are full of shit, I mean dog shit, they ain't good at ANYTHING. Bunch of dumbassessssssssss !!!.

  3. This is just like the trawler and fish comment. Not that it's strange, it's that the media are pretending to be ignorant of what he's said, so they don't have to talk about it.
    Bunch of cowards.
    It was straightforward. A shakespeare quote about our short lives, a comment about us getting younger yet still waging war, then saying that he loves football still. I'm sorry but if anyone has trouble understanding that, they need to go back to school.

  4. The guy just killed sports with a speech.It takes a great minds to decode what he just said.

    He said Soon there will be a technology that will stop people from aging. And how he wish to be a part of that generation.So that he would play football forever.

    He love football soo much that he wishes to play it forever.

    He spoke about what will happen in the future outside of football inte

  5. I understood every word and every meaning that the Great man was saying, to a somewhat bewildered audience with the look of an un-educated existence. The philosophy and the psychology was so apparent in all that he said.

    The 'Gods' are UEFA & FIFA, and they in time through geno therapy via the elitest football academies will look to create the 'perfect' player who will heal ten times quicker than their predecessors ever could.

    What will prevent this from happening?
    It will only be wars and the ecological crimes towards humanity's wellbeing, that will stop the 'Frankenstein' evolution of future players! Because technology has taken over how the game and the result is now being administered.

    Soon you will no longer see the 'referee in the middle' or their refereeing assistants, it will all be controlled by VAR, which along with the manufactured player through artificial intelligent means, will see the game we once knew and loved, disappear!

  6. He is trying to say that the people are blind. We are getting killed and we are being manipulated by the media and used as slaves. Money and uefa maffia runs the world. When our favorite team wins the leauge we go party on the street and forget about everything else like football is the most importent thingThe fact that nobody knows what he is saying and laughing at him is very ironic. You also see that the crowd aplausses while they dont understand anything of what he said.

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